Davey EcoPure Cartridge Filter 100

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  • Suitable for all pools and spas, fresh or salt water
  • Compact, durable A.B.S. tank with UV resistance for long service life 
  • Easy access to cartridge element via heavy duty locking ring 
  • Quick connect 40mm A.B.S. barrel unions supplied for ease of installation 
  • Auto air bleed for removal of trapped air inside filter eliminating the need for manual bleeding 
  • No backwashing of filter required 
  • Quality pressure gauge makes it easy to see when element cleaning is required
  • Cartridge element constructed of Du Pont Reemay – recognised for its excellent filtration and long life  


    Surface Area Sq Max Flow Rate Pipe Size Guarantee
    Q2203MN 100ft 400Lpm 40/50 5 Year Tank
    Q2204MN 150ft 490Lpm 40/50 5 Year Tank