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    swimming pool pump repairs perth wa
    Pool equipment repairs and replacements, unfortunately, are part of pool ownership. Over time, some parts of your pool equipment will wear down naturally through use.
    Often times, it is a small part that has just worn out and needs replacing or a simple cleaning. Before you decide to spend hundreds of dollars to replace your expensive pool equipment, let Perth Rewind Industries assist you with finding an affordable solution.
    Perth Rewind Industries provides full Swimming Pool Equipment Repair and Replacement Services for:
    • Pool Filters 
    • Pool Pumps and Pump Motors
    • Pool Heaters
    • Automatic Pool Cleaners
    • Chlorinators
    • Pool Pressure Gauges
    • Automatic Pool Controls & Timers
    • Pool Baskets
    • Skimmer Poles, Skimmer Nets, Brushes and Vacuum Heads and Hoses