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    Electric Motor Sales

    Electric Motors Perth WA
    We can supply motors to suit any application in single phase or three phase, from light weight aluminium cast motors to high efficiency mining specification motors. We can also modify any motor to suit your needs, whether they be physical modifications (extended shaft, flange modification etc) or electrical modifications (voltage conversion, 2 speed conversion  etc).
    • Single Phase Motors
    • Three Phase Motors
    • Premium Efficiency Motors
    • Brake Motors
    • Mining Specification Motors
    • Hazardous Area Motors
    • 2 speed Conversion
    • Voltage Conversion
    • Fitting of Thermistors/Heaters
    • Fitting of Extended Leads
    • Fitting of Oil Seals
    • Shaft Modifications
    • Flange Modifications
    • 2 pack Epoxy Paint
    We are a WEG Business Partner , however we can supply new motors from all trusted manufacturers.
    Please contact us for any information you may require.
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