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    Electric Motor Repairs Perth WA

    Perth Rewind Industries has the experience and facilities on site to rewind or recondition all types of electric motors, both three phase and single phase up to around 400Kw. We offer a 24 hour emergency repair service when required to help get your breakdown operational in the shortest possible time.

    State-of-the-art equipment and facilities, highly trained and experienced staff, the best possible service, and an unequaled commitment to the customer. These qualities make Perth Rewind Industries a leader in the electrical machinery field.

    Perth Rewind Industries goal is to have you back on line as quickly as possible and keep you that way!
    We take the time to truly evaluate the condition of your motor, both electrically and mechanically. From this, we can provide you with a detailed analysis of your equipment in order for you to make an informed decision on the necessary repairs. After we have rebuilt your motor, our goal is that it performs better than it did when it was new.
    Our analysis of your motor condition will include our advisement as to the economic viability of cost of repair.
    If the outcome deems the purchase of a new motor then we offer Electric Motors from leading manufacturers including WEG, CMG, TOSHIBA, TECO                                                                      
        • Domestic & Industrial Motors
        • AC & DC Motors
        • Complete Rewinding
        • Voltage , Frequency & Speed Conversions
        • Shaft Modifications & Repairs 
        • Capacitors
        • Bearings
        • Single Phase & Three Phase
        • Specialised Electric Motor Refurbishment
        • All Sizes from fractional HP to 550HP






      Electric Motor Repair Specialists Perth Western Australia